Marion H, and Joseph F. Knapp circa 1940

On The Town 58 Years Ago...... Year I Was Born

Captain Knapp's First Mate On "Storm King Too" abt 1941

"Storm King Too" is still afloat in Freeport, LI I'm hoping someday to find her predecesor "Storm King" also

Rear Of 410 Isle Of Palms, Ft. Lauderdale 1937

A Few Trees Later

"Dodi Knapp Was Always Very Particular About His Trees" ...... Estelle Parr Schulz

Not His Mastic Beach Mansion ....But Perhaps Hampton Bays ?

Marion & Joe Knapp had three different Homes around Tiana Bay and Smith Creek from 1941-1952. This may be the one that was up on the hill? When I visited there in Jan of 2002, there was just the driveway columns & the hill, but we could tell once upon a time there was a large home there.

The very first detailed description I got of what the Knapp Mansion Ballroom looked like unscathed was back in early 2001. Dorothy Jendral spoke of a piano recital that her teacher, Nicola Pesce held there one summer evening in 1950. This would be when St. Jude's was using the place as a community center. She said it was some enchanted evening , a breeze was coming through the French doors and the soft fading light on the trees made the music just all that more enjoyable.

The photo below, taken about the same time at Isle Of Palms, made me think of Dorothy's description and I can see Marion & Joe dancing on their terrace roof above that ballroom to their own music. Much like William Holden and Kim Novak would do in the film Picnic a few years later ......

Just close your eyes, visualize .......

and listen to Benny Goodman play

Close Your Eyes

"The Dancers" John Baeder © 2001