The photos on this page started with an e mail from Linda in California, who spent her summers in a bungalow at 33 Ann Rd. She and her sister Billie had some very fond memories of the Post Office, Cardamone's Deli and more and write about them here : Our Country Home On Ann Road

I in turn contacted former Floyd classmate Wanda Jendral, who has contributed photos before to this website. Her father Leo built the Post Office and her mother Casmira was the Postmaster there for many years. Here is the "new' Mastic Beach post office being built in the late 1940's

PRESIDENTIAL POOCH Fido poses on the corner of President Rd and Mastic Road

The sign on the left was for little candy, ice cream variety and convience store that was across from the Post Office For Years.

I believe it went under various names. Wanda Jendrall recalls a family named Schmitt as running it

That Could Well Be Leo Jendral (arrow) Up On The Roof Top Starting To Work On The Second Story

The Rarely Seen Backside


are Diane Alberti, Eugene Martin, Wanda Jenderal and Rosemary Hernandez (?)

Across The Street In Front Of The Schmitts Store . I have been told it may of been once known as The Sugar ___something___?

Not To Be Confused With Emma Barty's Sugar Bowl That Was Down In The Town Next To Kozy Korner

Look closely and you will see the upper story of the Post Office reflected in the window