Earlier this year (2010) I posted this very poor copy of a newspaper photo of Sylvia T. Knapp.(The first Mrs. Joseph P. Knapp) I went as far as to write to the guy. who had posted the newspaper itself, to see if he could possibly send me a better scan of it. But as it turned out, all he had was the lousy microfilm copy of the newspaper.

But thanks to the ongoing programs like the Library Of Congress' "Chronicling America" project, new old newspapers from all across America are getting rescanned & digitized more and more then added into searchable data bases This past month, the LOC added over another 400,000 pages of our nation's past ink. And so there is always hope for this historian, that something "more better" just might turn up someday.

Compare these two identical photos that went out over the wires in late 1911 and you'll see what I mean

Also In This New Batch Of Stuff Was This Photo In The St. Louis Republic In 1904.

Though far from the best photo I have of her, that one is here. it is possibly the very last photo ever taken of

Phoebe Palmer Knapp. She is 65 Years Old Here

Note: The Media wasn't any better then, than it is now with getting the story straight.

Joseph F. Knapp was NEVER the mayor of Brooklyn. He was offered it twice by his party, but turned them down VERY firmly both times.