Another book with my Grandpa Jack Spooner has surfaced. This is the second non fiction one I have found and have just added it to my Jack Spooner Library of aprox 12 volumes. Originally published in 1988, Kiss Me Twice has just been republished this August 2012 as an E Book under the author's original name Thomas Gifford.

Just skimming through it, I have found that Gifford has used many real people and real events to flesh out his novel. Many of the real characters were personal friends of Jack Spooner. whose job as Maitre D' of the Cub Room at New York's famous Stork Club. caused him to know everbody that was anybody.

Here are some snippets from it ,

Thomas Eugene Gifford (May 16, 1937 – October 31, 2000) was a best-selling American author of thriller novels. He was a graduate of Harvard University.
He gained international fame with the crime novel The Glendower Legacy and later with the Vatican thriller The Assassini. The books posited George Washington as a British spy and the Roman Catholic Church as a criminal organization. The Glendower Legacy was made into a movie in 1981 under the name Dirty Tricks.

Gifford also published under the names Dana Clarins and Thomas Maxwell. Gifford lived life large, had friends throughout the world, and lived life by his favorite credo--we're not here for a long time; we're here for a good time.He died of cholangiocarcinoma in his home in Dubuque, Iowa, on Halloween 2000.


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