by Howard Chandler Christy 1908

published by Collier'S (J. P. Knapp)



"Hasn't it the sweetest little face in the doggy world?" asked Miss Knapp

...who looked for all the world like a Christy Girl ....


From a Washington Post Society Column

Claire would cross the Atlantic many times over the years on business for her kennel

bringing back dogs and sage advice from established English breeders like Miss Cora Charters.






You Win Sum, You Loose Sum, & You Advertise Sum

All the press I have found about Claire and her dogs from 1913 - 1929 involve one breed. The Chow -Chow. In Miss Winter-Churchill's article she mentions that Claire switched from Airedales to Chows about 1911. Claire's earliest wins in the show ring occured in the press in early 1920's when she was living in Mastic*. It was there that the first advertisements appeared too. One thing that has puzzled me about her ads is how simple they were...very few had photos and most look like they were left to an in house layout artist . I notice this only because she had the most advanced and powerful printing and graphic arts company at her disposal that has ever come down the pike. Her father's American Lithographic and Knapp Co's. Perhaps she didn't need it and put all her resources into the animals and their care? But you have to wonder when her Dad printed millions of beautiful ads for everything under the sun...

*More about Clairedale in Mastic HERE

Popular Dogs Magazine Jan 1928

Claire and her dogs moved from Mastic to Yaphank in 1925 and was known as Mrs. Willis O. Penney from 1925-41



Some Knapp Co Puzzles circa 1910.