Not sure of the year here it's probably circa 1960, but thanks to Dolores Aiello who is stirring the pot for sending this.

Got a feeling it was Miss Daye who snapped her Brownie at Dolores and her friends, the girl behind her is very familiar but her name escapes me as does the girl on the right rear. At the middle of the right sink is Cathy Schaub,,,,at the front is the ever irrepressible Ida Mae Ennesser. Ida Mae lived near my bus stop and we used to feed her pony and her horse.

The Original Library 1952

Libraries world wide both big and small have helped me with this website. I am a huge fan of the institution and the folks that make them work. This is the first one I ever was in. It was located upstairs over the front doors. By the end of the decade it outgrew this room and moved downstairs taking up two classrooms. Mrs. Joy Rogers was Floyd's First Librarian and a very kind and helpful lady.



MUSIC ROOM: Circa 1959-60 Bobby Hackett, Bobby Bellville,Richie Pirsch and the late Richie Lefebvre plaing up a storm. Bellville and Pirsch both played in the Continentals with Angie Misciagno, Norman Cavaliere and Fran Rogoyski. Richie Lefebvre was in a group called the Rhythm Kings. Both the Rhythm Kings and my group also called The Continentals, played at The Palm Terrace in Riverhead around 63-64. Richie Pirsch woulds sit in once in awhile. Last time I saw Richie Lefebvre was in Patchogue around 1964-65. He was driving a very fine red T Bird convertible and we both pulled over and had a nice chat.

STUDY in the HALL? Don't know exactly what Junior Misses Irma Deeds and Lauren DiGangi were doing here in this 1963 photo, but they seem to be having fun.

BOWLING FOR DIPLOMAS: Don Martin who I started out in Kindergarten with in 1952 is showing how it's done at Fannie's about a decade later.

SPELL CHECK 1963! : Dorothy, Are you sure epexegesis only has a single S? might be what Rosemary Keenan would be thinking about saying to Dorothy Vignali .

1957 Mr. Turners Homeroom

photo courtesy: Dee Aiello Tumminello

Although we now had a high school to go to, several of these 8th graders here chose different directions . For those who stayed on they would for most part wind up in the Class Of 1961. The class of '61 may of been the smallest High School class Floyd ever had. I'm still looking for a copy of their yearbook to scan. In this group are:

First Row : _____? ,______? Marianne Fusco, Marie Cuomo, Helen Domke, Robert ____?,Troy? , Paul McCalef, Walter ______, Peter Tubbmen

Second: Don Johnson, Vito Cavelero, Frances ___?, Gladys Gerle, Diane Morhus? Delores Aiello (who sent the pic and most of the names) Richie Lefebvre? , _______? Mr. William Turner (who I had for mechanical drawing in 1962 and we CLASHED BIG TIME!)

In The Rear: Billy or Bobby Reichert, Tommy Festa. ______. _____. Brian Ammar, Walter ?, _____?

If you can fill in the blanks or have corrections E MAIL AWAY


Nothing too much other than they are a bunch of Center Moriches High School Grads. But the are practicing in the Floyd Gym. Actually they were a private ball club

sponsored by W. T. Shirley, consisting of FRONT: Future Floyd History Teacher Don Collins, Bernie Bernstein, REAR: Andy Lovito, Tom Neppell, Gene Matty. _______?


Awaits it first fillup of Macaroni & Cheese, Green Beans, and Jello..... Wonder what the tonnage of just those three items would total up to in the last 53 years?

These Guys Might Know?
Actually Miss Daye's "Chefs Club" did pretty good for themselves in 1964 when they appeared on the CBS TV Quiz Show, To Tell The Truth .

They fooled the panel L to R: Ralph DeMeglio, Tom Walkman,George Peterson, Frank Valenti, Joe Provezano, Tony DeMeglio

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