THE 1940


With the recent aquistion of this little 88 page book I now have the complete set of St. Andrew's Mastic Beach Directorys. The very first one was a gift from George Barnes, an old Floyd classmate of mine. When I first started this project in 2001 George presented me with the 1942-43 edition which was the last one published . George's Dad "Denny" Barnes was a Mastic Beach pioneer and very active in all sorts of civic duties. That was followed by the the very first one from 1937, a gift from Mrs. Estelle Schulz who regular readers of the website or even casual ones should know the name of. Estelle who's maiden name was Parr, is a Mastic area native having moved there as a little girl. The Parrs go back in Mastic to 1922 when Estelle's grandfather opened his first service station on Montauk Highway (Mastic Liqour Store Today). Her father William and his brother Walter had the Parr Brothers Service Stations in both Mastic & Mastic Beach directory. The Parrs were advertisers in all four issues not to mention the folks who worked on the cars and boat engines for The Danas, Smiths, Floyds, Tolfrees and Knapps. I then was sent the 1938 directory from website reader Carolyn Capel who grew up there. Both her grandparents the Capels & Linkhs were Mastic Beach pioneers.

This latest little gem I found on E Bay. Each book has provided me different information on Mastic Beach history . I also have been happy to do lookups for folks who have e mailed me, and of course will still be happy to. With the little town still split in two by the Knapp estate as the first ones came off the press, the last two editions also answer some questions and provided a few surprises about what happened after Dodi Knapp sold off his property. This one too answered a few more ????? And then of course there are the ads of places long gone. At the end of this addition are links to all the other ones I have posted on the site .



The majority of private phones were used by the business people. The phone to the Knapp estate rang at the newer gatehouse on Aspen & Knapp Roads. You can be assured there was at least one or more phones unpublished in the mansion @ CM- 91-J-2 and others in the Knapp Caretakers House on Dogwood Rd. and The Secratary House on Jefferson Dr. The Winter Residents listed below had increased by 25 to 86 in the two years since the last edition in 1938 was published. Most notable is the inclusion for the firt and only time of Joseph F. Knapp's name which if he was there at anytime during the winter it would of been either during Duck Hunting season or to gather up some personal belongings just before his mansion was sold in December of 1940 to Home Guardian Co. Knapp's winter home from the mid 1930's on was Isle Of Palms Fort Lauderdale ,Fl.