"Little School"




First Grade Click on photo to enlarge

Row 1: Tommy Walkman,________, Robert Ursum, Vic DiPierro, Billy Baessler(?)

Row 2: ______, Nancy Schoener, _______, Margaret Toto, ______, ______, Margaret Bender , Dorothy Vignali

Row 3: Eva Hulse, ___________, Evelyn ????, Thomas Eyton-Jones, Patricia Lubinskus (?) Alfred Klink


1953 Grade 2 Click To Enlarge

Row 1: Nancy Schoener, Arthur Wild, Margaret Toto, ________, Dorothy Vignali, John Bruce, Margaret Bender

Row 2: Evelyn ?????, Bill Baessler, Mary Ann Moorhus, Ed Brooks, Ann Soderlund, Alfred Klink, Gay Knapik,

Row 3: Carol ??????, Robert Ursum, John Hicks, Dennis Lasko, Thomas Eyton-Jones, _________


1954 3RD Grade Click To Enlarge

Row 1: Anthony Podejko, Ronald Roland, Robert Ursum

Row 2: _________, Margaret Bender, Nancy Schoener, Marilyn Eriksen, Margaret Toto, Pauline McNulty,

Mary Ann Moorhus, Dorothy Vignali

Row 3 : Victor DiPerro, Arthur Wild, ___________, Eddie Brooks, Craig Lehmann, Thomas Eyton-Jones,
Billy Baessler, Jerry Hopper, __________, John Bruce. Ms Connoly

Row 4 : Ronnie Picinich, Donna Scuteri, Pat Lubinksas, Marlies Clausing, Ann Soderlund, June Johnsen, _____,
Sharon Rothman, Alfred Klink


1955 4th Grade Click To Enlarge

Row 1 : Anthony Podejko, Ronald Rowland, Billy Baessler, Bob Ursum,
John Bruce

Row 2: Carol Ann _______, Margaret Toto, Marilyn Eriksen, Dorothy Vignali, Nancy Schoener,
Pauline McNulty, Helen G______, Kathleen Rielly.Virgina Duffy

Row 3: Patty Lubinksas, Evelyn Rizzo, Mary Ann Moorhus, Kathryn Robert(s), June Johnsen, Lucy M., Sharyn
Rothman, Marlies Clausing, Margaret Bender, Donna Scuteri

Row 4: Donald Lanham, Ronald Picinich, John Hicks, Edward Brooks, Thomas Eyton-Jones, Wayne Clark,
Peter Baillie, Alfred Klink, Victor DiPierro

She didn't use a club but she did use a yardstick and a lot of SCREAMING. You could hear Miss ? Mrs.? Hallock all over the Annex. She was not the most kid friendly teacher to say the least

Lot of blanks and ???? here if you recognise someone or yourself get in touch

Front row: Larry Collins, Bert Garcia, Joe Abruntilla, ______ Harold Thompson (who gave me the photo) John Rutigliano.

Secomd row: Mary Leskowitz?, ______, ________, ________, _________, Gertrude Bortcheller, Carol Bellville?, Regina Kish, _______

Third row: ______, _______, _______, Betsey Jensen, _______,_______, Barbara Apostulou?, Millie Bonnano,

Back Row: John Rodriguez. Richard Hunold, Gene Vassil, Jim Manzanillo?, Dennis Lasko, Jimmy O'Donnel,

George Tydeman,_______, _______, Gary Kubala, ________

........ And Speaking Of Mrs. Hallock

Several "kids" have written in over the years about their "experiences" with Mrs. H. This recent one comes from Verna Manghes (Now Verna Vogel) of the first class to ever graduate from the Floyd High School in 1960

I remember in third grade at the Moriches School, Mrs. Hallock HITTING me with the ruler on my hand because I was “talking”.  I NEVER WENT HOME AND TOLD MY PARENTS EITHER!

Verna who lived on the corner Magnolia Dr. & Neighborhood Rd. has contributed photos Located Here before of life in the area

back in the '50's: Verna also writes that :


........ I keep checking your web-site and I am always amazed at all the different web-sits you have. Thank you.....please know I truly appreciate all that you have done. Here is my 2009-2010 staff picture at Everett High School, in Everett, Washington.  I have been with the District for 30 years. I love working with high school age students.  I look back and I am amazed and sometimes in disbelief on how things have changed in the school systems over the years. I have worked school districts in New York and California, and add the years in Washington and it comes to approximately 44 years working with students.  Most of the years have been working at the high school level, but I have worked elementary and middle schools and even at the Correctional Center for Youths.  Retirement is not in my future.
She also tells me there are some plans being discussed for a possible 50th Reunion of the WFHS Class of 1960
If and when I hear something definite you can be sure it will get posted on this web site..