10th Anniversary

In the summer of 1941, we were still six months away from Pearl Harbor day, the town was already 15 years old, and the yacht club, which is still there on the east bank of the Mastic Beach Lagoon, was heading into it's 10th year. Joseph F. Knapp sold his estate and had sailed away east to the Hamptons, just before the hurricane of 1938 had re arranged the furniture for most left behind in the wake of his yacht "Storm King". By doing so my grandparents like so many others headed east too .... from places like Brooklyn & Queens and settled onto Sections 9 & 10, the 200 acres Knapp left behind that finally unified the town.

Special thanks to John Capel for preserving the rare booklet you are about to see and a BIG KUDOS to his sister Carolyn Capel another "Knappster" who got in touch with me about it and scanned away. Carolyn is now sending a bunch of Mastic Beach memorobilia my way for all to enjoy on this site.

Residents since the 1930's the Capel family lived in Section One on Cypress Dr. near Elm Rd. John is still a Mastic Beach resident and Carolyn who now resides in Florida, is heading "home " this summer for a visit with her brother.

On the next few pages you will see many names of Mastic Beach pioneers and business' that have long faded from the landscape of that little town, but who helped make it what was..... a great little town.