The End Of Knapp Road..... Again?


How you can become a "Knappster", a "Pothole Inspector" or a "Shovel Leaner"!

Last year just before the holidays, I posted an item about having to end this website for the simple reason of not being able to afford the Bandwith & Domain charges to host it any longer. I was amazed at the generosity of some folks who I like to refer to as "Knappsters " and as friends who donated enough money to keep it going for another year. Notwithstanding is the outlay I have made in both time and money to keep adding new things this year especially in the area of the history of Mastics, Shirley, Moriches, Brookhaven etc. This past fall I made the trip back to Long Island and although it was a paid appearance by the Library it still was about a break even proposition and if I ever paid myself for the time invested I could change my name from Spooner to Knapp! (If that doesn't compute just read the description of who the Knapps that lived in Mastic Beach were, posted at the top of the main menu)

At that time one of the folks who contributed funds to help, suggested I take donations via Paypal or some other way. I resisted it but this year after paying in advance out of pocket for another year of hosting at the very deadline, I began to rethink that suggestion. And so I came up with this idea. Not that I don't feel the website alone isn't enough justification to ask for donations, (The e mails, cards, letters I have received from some folks lets me know just how much what has been posted online means to them) Hitting 50,000 visitors last September also tells me some folks find the website somewhat interesting . If I had a penny for each hit wow! I hauled a coffee can full of them to supermarket coincounter this week and lo there was $46.77 in there. It helped buy our 26th Wedding anniversary dinner! .....but I digress.......And so over the last few weeks I thought it might be fun to offer something extra in return for donations. That's just the way I am...a crazy Swedish, English, German, and recently discovered Frenchman. (I found my Great Great Grandmother Sarah Schaub who was born in 1832 in France living in Allegheny City (Pittsburgh) Pa. in 1870. Her 15 year old daughter Amelia would become the first Amelia Spooner in 1871. ) So yes even I have benefited from this little road trip I've been on for the last 5 years.

What also prompted me to decide to ask for donations is a very recent ongoing development that is still playing itself out as I type. Last Sunday I posted what might be the only image of the very first Mastic Beach store that would become the one we all who lived there both loved and despised! DICKS Soda Fountain in it's original incarnation circa 1928. The image I have is a very low resolution one and acquiring the original will provide a great deal more detail and more importantly information. Although I have bid twice both times way past my budget (I don't have a budget) I found myself outbid. I am trying to negotiate a purchase of a high resolution scan of it from either the seller or who I think is going to be the eventual owner of it...but it's still in limbo. ( update I'm happy to report the new owner of the image has consented to allow me to obtain a high resolution scan) When a piece of history that I feel is very important to " The Mastics from Blue Blood To Blue Collar" story gets away from me because of money doesn't feel good.

So with that said here's what I came up for now....remember the website isn't ending or going off line....I just renewed it December 11th. I also know this ain't the time to be putting my hand out...this is the Salvation Army's time ...not to mention you all have your own to take care of and only God and Bush seem to know what the price of heating oil and gasoline might be.....but next year if you feel so inclined, a small donation to help keep this site up and running and acquiring new items of historic importance would be greatly appreciated and would not go unnoticed....

Tell Em' Dodi what we have to offer ......

"You bet Ken.......First thing we have to offer is allowing you to become an official Knapp Road "Shovel Leaner" .....for the low, low donation of $0.00...That's right you heard me Zero , Nothing, Butkus... 23 Skiddo.... To become an Official Knapp Road Shovel Leaner all you need to do is send an e mail to and tell them how much you enjoy the site...and if you want to, you can have your name added to the shovel leaners page when Old Ken gets around to putting it up online...... and you'll be just like the guys Gertie & I watched build Aspen across our property back in '29!

Or you can become an Official Knapp Road Pothole Inspector ! Everyone who reads the website probably knows how terrible the roads were in early Mastic & Mastic Beach....what's that you say you didn't know that? Well golly whilikers...just donate 5.00 and you will receive by return mail an actual news item about it along with a certificate suitable for framing declaring " Phil In D'Blanc" an official Knapp Road Pothole Inspector with portraits of Warren & Arthur, The Smadbeck Brothers of Home Guardian Co. The folks who brought all those roads and more to the Mastics....

And Last But Not Least...You can become an "Official Knappster" ...Just donate $15.00 or more and we will send you a Historic Image T shirt of your choice * along with a Certificate OFFICIAL Knappsterism!....


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1938 MAP of the TWO Towns of Mastic Beach



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