Wood Fish Weathervane Taken From Lee Wulff 's Barn.
Originally installed by Joseph P. Knapp around 1917 when he
purchased the property. Knapp was the owner / publisher of
Collier's Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post and one of
the original founders of Ducks Unlimited, which was founded
on his property in 1936. A plaque was installed in his
honor, marking D. U's birthplace in 1996. Knapp, an avid
fisherman owned 2400 acres and several miles of the
Beaverkill River adjacent to the property. He called it, "The
Beaverkill Stream Club". Joan’s son Douglas spoke with Mary
Simpson (Van Steenburg) who with her husband George
were the caretakers from the early 1930's through the 1950's.
She stated "it was up there when we got here". Mary died in
1999. Lee and Joan bought the property in 1978. The weathervane
was mounted on a wooden ball with the spike you see
going through a hole in the middle of it. There were 4 directionals
screwed into the ball, which are included here. The
ball, rotted and held together with paint, fell apart when taken
down in 1997. This vane has been on a wall in the barn since
then. With a length of 39", this weathered fish has remnants
of the original green and white paint, has cracks and a worn
finish and not only is it a fine example of folk art, it has historic
significance with it's passing through the Knapp's and
the Wulff 's ownership. ($3,250-$4,250)

A wooden weathervane 39" long and cracked and weathered selling at auction for an expected price of up to $4,250.00 !

And to think you could of had Knapp's entire 3 story 22 room house in Mastic Beach with a $7,000.00 imported pine paneled ballroom, 6 fireplaces, fully furnished with antiques and paintings and musical instruments and gaming equipment plus a cache of Fox engraved shotguns in the wall safes and who knows what else .... not to mention 3.5 acres of landscaped grounds and a two car garage and underground tunnel for just $650.00 more than a wooden fish?


I have contacted the auctioneers to see if it sold. IT DID Also to tell them that there are errors in their catalog description. If J. P. Knapp saw himself as being listed as the owner of the Saturday Evening Post, that weather vane would spin faster than Linda Blair's head did in the Exorcist !

Special Thanks To Debbie Ganung at Lang's Auctions