BEACH 3 n 1
And I'm not talking oil here folks. These two photos were taken in Mastic Beach in 1927-28. As part of a real estate display ad, The lower one was definitely taken at Beach One in Section One. It is looking west and you can see the silhouette of the Hedges Hotel at Smith Point in the distance. (arrow) The top one could be taken at Beach 5 looking east , but it was most likely taken at the Phantom Beach # 3 which was originally destined to be the showplace beach for the development according to Home Guardians Proposed Plans. Located on the eastern shore of Pattersquash Creek, with fancy promenades, it just disappeared for some reason. Perhaps the pier was taken out by a winter storm and when that shorefront land was legally tied up in abandonment according to Section Three Plan on file, Home Guardian abandoned plans to finish it off ? Beach 3 was most likely built on the site of the Knapp Seaplane Base that was "Officially Abandoned" by the US Navy in the late fall of 1917. The sand was there for the seaplanes to be brought into the hangers, Section 3 was opened in November 1925 and section 5 would have to wait for another two years. By 1938 when Mastic Beach was completed, the beaches that remained up until the 1950s and beyond were : One, Four ( Pattersquash Creek Swimming Hole) Five and Ten . (The Woolworth's Beaches)


If you have some photos that are relevant to anything on this websight and would like to share them, then please get in touch. Condition is not important as I can restore them. Several I am actively seeking are: Bob DeCordova's Service Station (Aspen & Whiitier), Fannie's Spaghetti House (on Diana Dr.) Birdsall Hardware , The Stop & Shop, Jean's, HC Grand 5&10 cent store and of course it goes without saying ANY OF THE KNAPP MANSION AND ESTATE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR!
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