"Lady On The Dock" circa 1881

This trade card printed by Major & Knapp over 125 years ago just came into my possession today. It advertises the then two decade old Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. ( a little side business of one Joseph F. Knapp). It made me think of the photo I took last month of my wife Anne visiting J. F. Knapp's namesake grandson's dock in Mastic Beach on May 10, 2006. It was Anne's first visit to Mastic Beach since 1981. Of course at that time, the name Knapp and their mansion etc were just distant childhood memories to me and not mentioned. Although we were only in town this time for a quick day (Our sons college graduation in NYC was the real purpose of our visit ), it was fun for me to give Anne the 'Knapp Mastic Beach Tour" which included all the regular Knapp M. B. places, their mansion grounds, The machine shop barn etc and a full tour of the Muse Residence. Also a visit to the Floyd Estate, Dana Estate and Clarence Penney's place in Moriches etc.

Lady On The Dock 2006

Although it was overcast and threatening to rain any second, we did get to visit "Dodi Knapp's Dock" at the foot of Jefferson Dr. It is still mostly intact after at least 90 years or so, but I'm sure Knapp would have a tear in his eye if he saw all the crap people are dumping around it and in the water too. The latest additions seem to be junk cars on the wetlands. I have heard the MBPOA is going to try and do something about it.... I would hope so...or Dodi might come back to town in his Curtiss Flying Boat and drop a few bombs on the whole place. It couldn't look any worse ..... at least on his waterfront.