"Down By The Old Mill Stream"

West Moriches Circa 1900

William Floyd (not the signer) but the great great ? grandson of the same and Cornelia Floyd's brother was a photographer. He obviously took his share of photos of Mastic & Moriches in the 1890's - 1910. I have posted several of his prints that he published as postcards on this site before, most notably Will's Road and one of Moss Lots which was also printed in the oval frame with the distinctive hand printing. I am reasonably assured that this view is looking west twoards Mastic from what we now call the twin ponds . It might be the future Montauk Highway and it might be a side road. I think the paper mill which may of also been the iron forge, was still standing after WW2. It was located on the Forge River and on south side of the future Montauk Highway and twin ponds. There's another view of it on my Early Moriches Pages Here


If you have some photos that are relevant to anything on this websight and would like to share them, then please get in touch. Condition is not important as I can restore them. Several I am actively seeking are: Bob DeCordova's Service Station (Aspen & Whiitier), Fannie's Spaghetti House (on Diana Dr.) Birdsall Hardware , The Stop & Shop, Jean's, HC Grand 5&10 cent store and of course it goes without saying ANY OF THE KNAPP MANSION AND ESTATE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR!

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