Dr. Warren Jay Smadbeck in 1924

Long before names like Walter Shirley or Angelo Coraci became associated with the area, there was a dentist named Dr. Smadbeck. However the title of Mister Mastic(s) would in no way encompass the real estate development career of Warren J. Smadbeck (1885-1965). Here at last are two photos from the era he actually was active in developing the towns of Mastic & Mastic Beach (my hometown 1950-1964).

As President of the Home Guardian Co. of New York , Warren along with his brother Arthur, would develop out of large old estates, many vacation towns all over Long Island like Rocky Point, Fire Island Pines, Mastic Park & Mastic Beach. Places that eventually became year round communities. They repeated this process all through the United States for decades earning them the title of "The Henry Fords Of Real Estate".

Mr. & Mrs. Warren & Madeline Smadbeck : 1921

These two photos are very rare and I was very excited to hear from "Knappster" Warren Smadbeck Jr. who is pictured with his father in the Smadbeck History pages, that he had never seen them before either. Chances are if you look at the Deed to your home in the Mastic's area it will reference back to either Home Guardian Co. or W & A (Warren & Arthur) Construction Co. 98% of the roads built there were laid out and named by them. You can read and see much more about The Smadbeck Brothers by clicking on the link here. HISTORY OF THE SMADBECK FAMILY & THE HOME GUARDIAN COMPANY

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