Here's a "new" photo of the flyboys of Aerial Coast Patrol Unit 3, originally known as the Knapp Seaplane Base, that started in April of 1917 on the waterfront of the Knapp Estate, just diagonally across narrow bay. You can see the wooden Smith Point bridge & the shoreline of the future town of Mastic Beach in the background behind the crowd, who look like they are practicing to pull on the prop or wave in future airliners at the Kennedy Terminal! I can't tell for sure if Dodi Knapp is in there amongst them, he may well of been at MIT taking advanced aviation classes when this photo was taken. There are a many more pages with rare photos of Unit 3, which was the most obscure flying unit in the U. S. Navy's history, that have been added into this website over the years. "Knappsters" and other long time readers know this entire website was started, when I wrote a short story about when me and my kid pals discovered a whole bunch of WW1 airplane parts and radio sets in a Knapp barn in Mastic Beach around 1952. Here's a link to one of those pages that has most of the others linked to it.


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If you have some photos that are relevant to anything on this websight and would like to share them, then please get in touch. Condition is not important as I can restore them. Several I am actively seeking are: Bob DeCordova's Service Station (Aspen & Whiitier), Fannie's Spaghetti House (on Diana Dr.) Birdsall Hardware , The Stop & Shop, Jean's, HC Grand 5&10 cent store and of course it goes without saying ANY OF THE KNAPP MANSION AND ESTATE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR!