This is an 1896 survey map of the land that eventually became Sections 3, 9 & 10 Of Mastic Beach in 1926 & 1938


Originally owned by the Woodhulls in the 18th century, then Charles Jefferey Smith 1803-76 through his marriage into the family in the early 19th century. It was then passed into the Charles W. & John S. Lawrence Family via Charles J. Smith's will.


John S. Lawrence's son Frank M. 1862-1920 who grew up here, and his cousin Hannah bought it all in 1896 for $7,950.00. It was most likely that this map was prepared for that sale. The western part of it went to Hannah Newbold Lawrence. In 1907 Frank married Louise Mauran of Providence Rhode Island and probably built a large homestead in Mastic for her perhaps as a weeding gift. In October 1916, Frank & Louise sold their 166 + acres to Joseph F. Knapp. Joseph aka "Dodi" moved there with his sister Claire into the 22 room house that became forever known as the Knapp Mansion.





Map was surveyed in February 1896 by John Raynor











It was located on North Side of Neighborhood Road by the St. Jude's bridge. It was about 75 feet wide and 250 feet long. It was reduced to a small 2 foot wide stream and has been a drainage ditch for over 50 years.


Pattersquash Lake Today



That is the head of Pattersquash Creek on the left. This would be about where Cedar Road now crosses the land.






The two houses both built By C. J. Smith circa 1850's are still standing.

The one on the left is owned today by The Heyers & is shown on the website in various places including here





The one on the right was known as The Woodhull Lodge and was moved westerly and altered by

Hannah Lawrence in 1896. It has been owned since 1948 by the Muse Family and is shown in featured here








Notice how it changed, the little Island that's still in front of Dodi's Cove was once attached . Perhaps the seaplane base had something to do with it or maybe it was too tricky to pull the big STORM KING in there? Also there was a common dock for all the Lawrences to use at the foot of where Jefferson Drive would end in 1938.



Right On The 'Ol Map Are C. J,'s Last Wishes For What Was To Become Of A Place

Once Known To The Locals As "Charles Jefferey's Meadows".