Squassux Landing

Carmen's River, Brookhaven, NY.


There are three ways to spell it and three ways to get to it. Old Stump Road, Beaver Dam Road or Carmen's ( or Connecticut as it was first known )River. Two if by land, One if by Sea.....apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.....whichever way Joseph Palmer Knapp came to it in the 1890's you can bet it didn't take him long to find out who it belonged to. So beginning in 1893, he leased it and much of Carmens River from the Smith brothers and sisters who lived just across the river and a wee bit south at the Manor Of St. George. In that original lease which he renewed for 6 years and can be read by clicking here , It is spelled Squasicks. On post cards of it that would turn up in the early 1900's it is spelled Squassocks.....I don't know what the American Indian term means, but if it has to anything do with beautiful, pristine, or untouched by time, I would call it very accurate.... Here are a few photos I took Sunday afternoon January 20, 2002 followed by two black and white photos I found in the Queensboro Library taken just a few years after J.P's lease ran out.


Looking South To The Bay, Smith's Point Is On The Left Around That Second Point



Here Come The Ducks

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