Once again art imitating Knapp Life as The Defender rounds a bouy in this 1895 Knapp Print


Even though he was reared in NYC, Joseph Fairchild "Dodi" Knapp grew up around boats. They would play a big part of his entire life which almost ended early at Smith Point in 1911 as he and his pal Tom Dixon clung to their capsised cat boat . His father was a member of several yacht clubs including the ultra prestigious New York Yacht Club. J. P. Knapp most likely owned many boats during his 86 years. One of them in the 1890's was a schooner yacht named "Intrepid"


NY Times in 1896, reported these yacht sightings from City Island which was where members of the NYYC had their dock. Their clubhouse built by J. P. Morgan was located in the city proper on West 44th St..


Knapp & Co 1892


It's highly likely "Master Joseph" appeared much like the sailor boy above in his fathers print when he journeyed to Europe with his mother and sister aboard the newly built St. Louis in the fall of 1895.

SS St. Louis 1895-1922


The ship's steward either misheard Sylvia Knapp (perhaps the Captain blew the whistle as she was talking) or she pronounced Fairchild as Fawchild or he just could not spell to well. He also got the Dodi's age mixed up with his sister Claire who would of been just 11 days shy of 6 years old on Oct 12, 1895. Dodi was but 3years and 8 months old on this crossing of the the Atlantic. Getting his sea legs early.


Below are a few photos of the New York Yacht Club


The Model Room


The Grill


"Nothing like a roaring fire to take off the chill from a hard day on Wall St."


"Room with a view"


Here are the NYYC City Island Docks in the 1920's


This is J. P' s. dock in NYC at his River House Apartment in the 1930's



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