This is an amazing photo. Not for the fact of what it is , but WHERE it was taken.


In The Summer Of 1923

It is either on the east bank on Knapp's estate at the foot of Locust Drive or the west bank at Doctor's Point at the foot of Bayview Dr. The photo was part of a real estate advertisement placed by Josephine Lanier when she put her 219 acre "Pattersquas" estate up for sale. The Richard Floyd/ Dr Robert/ and others including Doc Calabro's Bayview Hospital place.

The reason I believe it is on the east bank is, Mrs. Lanier mentions that it is taken on "the Old Farm" The Old farm is referenced in the deeds that would pass from her to Home Guardian to John Howard Lawson and finally to Doc Calabro as the Old Woodhull Farm on the east bank of Patterquash along the property of Home Guardian Co.

Also there is precedent for military action on the east bank because the Knapp's had a Navy seaplane base there in 1917.

The Old Woodhull Farm would be aka as the Hannah Newbold Lawrence Sherman estate and was part of Knapp's holdings when he bought it in 1916.

In any event the fact that it was taken in Mastic Beach is amazing and just another neat thing I have discovered in my digging up bones. It looks like it was taken on a foggy day, you can barely see Fire Island which is only about 1/4 mile across, but it also looks like the boys may of hit something where I placed the green arrow. The fact that they were shooting a gun of that size may explain the holes around the beaches that some people stepped into and drowned in the 1930's & 40's.

Its a good thing for the ducks they were practicing in the summer!!!