Though it was always a far cry from the Atlantic City Dreams of Tangier developer F. J. Quinby, the Hedges Hotel at Smith Point looked to be a really nice place. And I've never seen a better photo of it than this one that is in the book "The Illustrated History Of The Moriches" by Van & Mary Field. At the time of this photo (circa 1919) the hotel was doing duty as the Tangier Soldier and Sailors Rest Home. The Hedges went through several ownership changes in the years it was there and there seems to be two seperate stories as to what really happened to it. One has it burning down the other being destroyed in the hurricane of 1938. I believe it was the hurricane . The confusion probably stems from the fact that the much older Life Saving Service turned Coast Guard Station building that was near it burned down sometime in the 1960's which is also now a faded memory for many.