Kalo Mina is a Greek salutation for Good Month and customarily spoken on the first day of the month. Well here on April 1, 2005 is a photo that was identified with a label as Mr. James Lagumis, who was Greek but was no April Fool . It seems that I am the April Fool for believing the label because as of April 5 I've been assured by Mary Ann one of Jim Lagumis' daughters that the man in the photo is a mystery to her!

The Lagumis Liquor store was always there for as long as I can recall when we lived in Mastic Beach. My brother and I went to school with several of Jim's daughters Natalie, Mary Ann and Lucky. Jim was in the MBFD with my Dad and he was always involved in community affairs. The Lagumis family lived behind the store which I heard started out as an ice cream parlor in the 1940's. I can vouch for the photo below though as once being the Lagumis Store because I took it in October 2003. Mary Anne is going to confer with her sisters to see if they know who this guy ID'd as their father really is........I have come to a logical conclusion that our MYSTERY MAN is not even in the Lagumis Liquor store. He is most likely tending bar at some civic function but does anyone know who he is?

To any and all out there who may have pics of Mastic Beach business'and business people from the 1940's & 50's. I am still looking for photos for the Book "MASTICS ..FROM BLUEBLOOD to BLUECOLLAR. I still need pics of Alan & Marty and their Mastic Beach Pharmacy, The nice Ladies of H .G Grands 5 & 10 cent store, The Harringtons or Distels at their Custard Stand, Joe or Don at the Hobby Shop (The original Orlando Barbershop) Any of the owners of The Beach Tavern or Beachcomber. Tony of the Sunshine Coffee Shop. Mae Boury, Dick or Agnes Nordkvist, Charlie & Irene Miller, Izzy Sirulnink, Ben and Anita Siriani, The Stop & Shop, The O'Donnels, Watrous', Harers Market personel, DiCarlo's , Jean's, Bob DeCordova, Gus Pidgeon. Medici's, Vandenbergs, or anyone else you might have. Photo condition, size etc is not important and originals will be completely secure. Please e mail me if you got them or know where they might be found