Mrs. & Mr. Vincent Orlando and daughter Vincenza on Easter Sunday in Mastic Beach

circa 1953

I remember when Vinny Orlando first showed up on the scene in Mastic Beach at what I believe was his father Joe Orlando's tiny barber shop that was located alongside of Kate's fruitstand just across the street from Schulte's. Butchie & Me had been going in there for our haircuts since we moved to the Beach in 1950. Suddenly Joe's second chair was manned by the friendly face of Mr. Vinny. I'm not sure if he cut my hair or my brothers that day, but when Joe retired, Vinny moved the shop down the street to a new and larger facility. Not much larger, but compared to Joe's it had room for dancing! That is if one chose to dance in a barber shop. Reason I mention dancing is, Vinny's Brother Nick and I would work together in a trio backing up Italian saloon singer Benny Biondo at the Mastic Hour in the spring of 1963. I was underage (15) and Nick would drive me back and forth to the gig. Vinny's daughter "Vinny" who went to Floyd and married Donald Martin a kid I started out in Kindergarten with. Lotta great memories. When I returned to the Beach in 1994 I took this shot of Vinny's Shop at the time it was doing duty as a glass shop. Last I knew it was a Taxi stand.

1979 photo : Marty Van Lith

1994....I can still smell the Wildroot

To any and all out there who may have pics of Mastic Beach business'and business people from the 1940's & 50's. I am still looking for photos for the Book "MASTICS ..FROM BLUEBLOOD to BLUECOLLAR. I still need pics of Alan & Marty and their Mastic Beach Pharmacy, The nice Ladies of H .G Grands 5 & 10 cent store, The Harringtons or Distels at their Custard Stand, Joe or Don at the Hobby Shop (The original Orlando Barbershop) Any of the owners of The Beach Tavern or Beachcomber. Tony of the Sunshine Coffee Shop. Mae Boury, Dick or Agnes Nordkvist, Charlie & Irene Miller, Izzy Sirulnink, Ben and Anita Siriani, The Stop & Shop, The O'Donnels, Watrous', Harers Market personel, DiCarlo's , Jean's, Bob DeCordova, Gus Pidgeon. Medici's, Vandenbergs, or anyone else you might have. Photo condition, size etc is not important and originals will be completely secure. Please e mail me if you got them or know where they might be found