One of W. S. Dana's toys, this Liberty V-12 Aircraft Powered Speedboat based on a John Hacker design , was built by Otis 'Oak' Palmer of Center Moriches for William S. Dana in the 1930's. After Dana's death in 1939 his widow Ella sold it to family friends the LaBaires. Ear Witness' say you could hear it coming down the bay 10 miles away! Recently I took a little boat trip to the spots this boat and Dodi Knapp's Sea Sled once tore up the Mastic, Moriches, and Great South Bays. You can see that HERE or you can see & read more about Dana's Boats Here

Day At The Races August 1928

These kids are probably waiting for the speed-boat races to start at the Bay Shore dock, Somewhere out there in the fleet are are Dodi Knapp and W. S. Dana in Miss Demure and Alberta B. along with Dido, Kid Boots, Woof Woof, and more. The Great South Bay Yacht Racing sponsered a race series from Bay Shore to Bellport. More about the races