Jack "St. Peter" Spooner That's Who




Nan & Ron At My Grandpa's Place 1950

I know ...I know ... they were all over the news this week, but that's not why they turned up here . Nancy was still Nancy Davis when Henny Rasch snapped this photo of her and Ronnie at the Cub Room in the Stork Club NYC. And to get into the Cub Room you had to get by my grandpa Jack Spooner who's iRonic nickname at The Stork was St. Peter , because as Matrie D' he decided who could get in the Cub Room. And Nancy at one time was on pretty thin ice there with Sherman. When she was a starving actress Stork Club owner Sherman Billingsley spied her stuffing dinner rolls in her purse. With typical acidic Billingsley humour he sent over a pound of butter and a note to her saying " Miss...Perhaps you would like some butter to go with your rolls ?"

So what does that got to do with Knapp's et al ?..... Trust me it does and that will be revealed in due time, but the reason I have put it up now is to alert you to a new forthcoming book about the Stork Club I have contribitued to. ( It's Not Ralph Blumenthall's 2000 book) I am adding a few more of Henny's great Stork Club photos (she was the staff photog there from 1942- 1953)


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