That's the name of the the place and the queen, from Glendale, Queens is Mrs. George Tzoucalis who is looking out the window of her summer castle on Lakeview Drive near Pine Road in 1942. In the driveway is King George's coach a 1932 Plymouth which looks to be very fine indeed. I'm looking forward to speaking with George (who is 95) very soon, His son Charlie who sent these two photos tells me, his Dad has some great stories about early Mastic Beach. On the flower bed by the tree is a sign that says Camp Crumbun. I hope to find out who is who in the photo below. It's of the Tzoucalis' at their neighbors the Henry Koehlers of South Ozone Park and they certainly have a cause to celebrate here in the summer of 1945. The WAR was over!

Charlie Tzoucalis ( The Palakari* ) out front with his arms folded ) who first wrote to me over a year ago, was very timely with these as I just recieved the Map of Section Two of Mastic Beach last week. Section Two was opened within a few weeks of Section One and the town was on the march. Thanks again Charlie for sharing....

*Palakari is Greek for Brave Young Man


Charlie has juist sent me some more pics of his Dad at work and Play (Fishing in MB) and I will be adding them into a page when I interview "THE KING OF THE TZOUCALIS CLAN".... as for who is who at the Victory Picnic on Lakeview Drive it is:

Bob Schlick is holding the flag on the left and Charlie' s brother George "Mickey" Tzoucalis on the right. Pouring the beer is Charlie Hiss and that's his wife Marie ( the tall lady in the center rear). Henry Koehler's mom and then Mabel Koehler ( Henry's wife) Next is Mrs. Bonney and her daughter Jean Naldreth who still lives on Lakeview, Mrs. Anne Tzoucalis (Charlie & Mickey's mom) Anne's sister Mrs Jean Schlick and her husband Franklyn Schlick, Henry Koehler. The Front Man Is Charlie Tzoucalis about age 6

And finally what is a castle without a princess!

Little Gail Tzoucalis is all set to go shopping! Perhaps at Mae Boury's in town or the Bee Hive in Patchogue

There were many named bungalows throughout Mastic Beach. There was also a bungalow named "4 Queens and a Jack" in Section 9 on Jefferson & LaCrosse that the Stutzbacks spent summers in.