Just like Elvis, there were several people and places in Mastic Beach that needed only word and everyone knew who or what you meant. Izzy Sirulnik's family hardware store was one such place. Originally known as Mastic Beach Hardware in 1938, it soon became Sirulnik's by 1940 but everyone called it Izzy's. A hardware store plus ( It was the first Texaco Gasoline Dealer in town) Izzy carried a little bit of everything and if he didn't have it you probably didn't need it. As a kid in the '50's it was where I went for my bike accessories: streamers, mudflaps, lights, bells and the coolest thing of all the 5 flag holder that bolted on the handlebars for only a $1.19!. In 1960 my main Christmas present came from Izzy's. A Crossman Gas Powered Air Rifle. About 1970 The Mastic Beach Pharmacy next to it on the right went up in smoke taking the Sirulniks store with it. Neither were rebuilt. The photos are courtesy of Izzy's daughter in law Mrs. Leonore Sirulnik.

Mr. & Mrs. Isidore Sirulnik Standing In Front Of Their Store Circa 1940

Son & Father Allan & Izzy Sirulnik circa 1950's

How it looked in the 1960's On the left is The Sunflower Coffee Shop which was a fun teenage hangout