It was Charlie Trywusch's

Then Lydia Costello's

Mastic Beach Store

Here it is about 1927-1929 Before it was remodeled into the landmark building we all knew as Dick's Soda Fountain & Frosted Foods . Charlie Trywusch was a pivotal Mastic & Mastic Beach Pioneer wearing many many hats. He was the Mastic Park police, the Postmaster of Mastic, and also a merchant. His father in law George Jackson built the Mastic Park General Store most recall as McCleans Market and Charles and his wife Nellie ran it.

As a photographer Charlie took the earliest photos of Mastic and Mastic Beach and published them as post cards. His most well known ones seem to be of the MBPOA Clubhouse. This may well be one of his photos too. Looking at the store northeasterly from across Whittier Drive the two tourist cabins were still there when I was a kid and the gas pumps were moved to the north side of them. Mr. Dawson ran them before locating his station on the west side of Whittier. Of course the biggest change was made as the building was extended twoard the corner of what was then Whittier & Birch (renamed Neighborhood) when it was connected to the existing Neighborhood Road on the west side of Knapp's estate. You can see it as "Dicks" by scrolling down in the photo archives.

It started out as "STAND"

He was talking about enlarging it back in 1927....

From The 1937 Mastic Beach Directory

In the 1930's Mrs. Costello ran it