I first became aware of just how grand the Masury Estate was in the spring of 2001 when I first saw Van & Mary Field's book "Illustrated History of The Moriches Bay Area". Of all the estates in our area, no other was as elaborate, But like so many of them, most of it is long gone. The Hurricane of 1938 destroyed the second and much grander home that John W. Masury's second wife Grace built in 1898. Then fire took the original mansion in the 1960's. Other landmark estate buildings such as the carriage and gate houses as well as the landmark windmill are all long gone from either fire or neglect. The only thing that remains is the restored Ball Room, that is now on the historic register.

I often thought more than once about adding in some pages on the Masury Family as their lifestyle and interests like yachting, mirrored much of what I have written about the Danas and the Knapps. In the course of my six year research, I have collected many news clippings, other items and heard stories about the Masury family from descendants of the tight knit caretaker community. They were "in paint" you know and to say they were quite a colorful bunch is an understatement. Since January of 2002, I have carried a Masury Is Good Paint good luck token on my keys. There are occasional mentions of the estate and a photo or two of Priscilla Sturges (a Masury heir by marriage) in the Libaire Fine Boats & Cars pages.

About a year or two later I came across this CDV (which is one of the earliest forms of photographs) of John W. Masury circa 1860-80 the NY paint manufacturer who died May 14, 1895. (His real fortune and it was HUGE came from his patent on the paint can lid. The same one in use today) Again I thought I really should try and add these Masury folks into the web site. After all part of their estate was on the eastern bank of the Forge River just across from the Floyds and they employed the same local folks, not to mention they had a big impact on the area both in economic terms and gossip! It was just something I haven't got around to. Trying to research and write the manuscripts for the three books that are coming from the website is a huge task in itself.

However yesterday (July 26th 2006) I recieved an e mail that will probably change some things. After all look what I'm doing the next day. It was from a gentleman in Washington State named Fred Weir. A sailor, a salesman for Signature Yachts and a very personable chap I might add. (we have already talked on the phone) BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY Fred is none other than the great great grandson of Big John W. Masury! Fred has already sent me some fascinating history on the Miller / Masury descendants who went WEST a part of the family I doubt few of the easterners were aware of. He is going to start scanning some family photos and momentos for me so look for more Masury stuff in the future. Fred himself has never visited the Masury Estates that were located in Moriches and Thomasville, Georgia.


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