Looking North on South Ocean Ave 1950

Well over a year ago in these archives, I posted a Tale Of Two Towns with photos about Patchogue & Moriches. In it I mentioned I would "soon" be adding in stories and pics about both towns. One of my excuses is not being able to find the COLOR version of the pic I have posted here. As good as this black & white one is the color is twice as good. It will turn someplace, someday.....


see what I mean ?

I lived in Patchogue (1964 - 1973) almost as long as I did in Mastic Beach (1950-1964) but some of my fondest memories of it are when we traveled from Mastic Beach either by car or bus to it. Patchogue & Center Moriches were EXTRA LARGE versions of Mastic Beach's Big Town (5 corners) & Small Town (Whittier & Neighborhood) or New Town & Old Town.....and were situated in the same respective directions West for Big Town & East for small... Though Patchogue & Center were both centuries older than Mastic Beach. Going to Patchogue was always a lot more fun for a kid than Center because there was just so much more there. Three Movie Theatres,

Stores of all types galore ,,,, Three 5 & 10 cent stores Kresges, Woolworths, Grants and of extreme importance to me after 1956......Two Music Stores... In 1962 I worked for Irv Rosen in his original Patchogue Music Center that was located on the West side of South Ocean Ave just to the left of that 1937 Plymouth in the front of the photo with the sidemount spare.

And its where we saw all the latest cars too.... The 1953 Corvette, The '55 T Bird, The GTO etc....

THE FUTURE IS SO BRIGHT I CAN'T LOOK......1955 Packard Request ....... could it of inspired the Edsel?

Anyway whether or not I ever find that color photo, I have a cache of Patchogue Pics and a bunch more stories to tell....STAY TUNED

Read the note below the archives about Mastic Beach photos I am still actively seeking.