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Riding On A Pony

That's Jacky Rutigliano on Ida Mae Ennesser's pony circa 1954. Ida Mae lived on the corner of Monroe Dr. and Neighborhood road and her horses drew kids like a magnet. Lot of us kids only got to feed them apples but it sure was a destination to head for. This is just one of the photos I have recieved so far from "Rut" a long lost pal of mine from Mastic Beach. For more about the power of the internet and how I have reunited with the Rutigliano family be sure to look at this page "My Old Yellow Car"


That's Ida Mae ( in front) in the Floyd School Home Economics Room about 1960

She was a very popular and a most colorful personality in our town with both the girls and the boys of all ages!
I had the pleasure of talking with her on the phone about a year ago (she lives on the west coast and doesn't use a computer) and we had quite a reminiscence and enlightment session. She lived just across the street from Willy & Honey Schluder (Knapp's last caretakers) She originally boarded her horse in Willie's barn. The Ennesser family was involved with Fr. Skelly and St. Jude's Church at the time St. Jude's occupied the Knapp Mansion. And Ida Mae was one of the kids who was in and out of it many many times. She also told me that besides the underground tunnel that led to the garage, there was a second one that went all the way from the mansion basement to Willie's basement (over a 1/4 mile) .....almost unbelievable knowing the sea level of Mastic Beach, but when you have the unlimited financial resources the Knapps had and a family member who engineered bridges and tunnels like the NY City Subways.... what's a little tunnel or two in Mastic Beach? A walk in the park! or should I say under it!!

Patchogue Parade
That's Ida Mae on the right leading the Selden Cadets a crackerjack Drum & Bugle Corp. Past Swezey's Dept Store.

Back To You Jack

When the "First Knappster" Ken Vitellaro heard from me that Rut & I had made contact after 40 years, he sent me this. They used to sell these in Swezey's basement along with everything else you needed for scouting. Kenny was the third owner of it in 1957 having it handed down to from second owner Al Picarelli who I remember coming over our house to play baseball with Butchie & Me. But look who had it first and he probably got it at Swezey's which sadly is no more. I hear they are tearing down the 19th century building soon to put up a hotel.


When Jack Was In Vietnam.... the first "kid" from Mastic Beach to be there.



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