JUNE 30, 1938


On June 7, 1938 Joseph F. Knapp sold off most of his 180 acres to Home Guardian and the unification of Mastic Beach began, These aerial photos taken three weeks later show you basicaly what it was like before that time. Home Guardian has already started to cut roads into Section 9 on the north side of the Knapp mansion (red arrow)




This first photo shows lots of trees. Mrs. Schulz, whose father took care of Knapp's cars and boats told me "Mr. Knapp always took great care of his trees". You can see the mansion house is surrounded with them. George Sutter who bought the place in 1941 must of done a lot of cutting or The hurricane of 1938 which was just 2 1/2 months away took a bunch.

The Golf course is the large cleared area and that dark circle on the bottom is a pond.




The Photo Below Gives you a bigger picture of what was and what was to be. The Red Line is Neighborhood Road on the Left & Birch Road On The Right Where it stops and starts were the west and eastern boundarys of Knapps property

The green line is Knapp Road which started at Mastic Road and came right to the house. You can see they have cut in part of Monroe,Jefferson running N&S and running E&W Hamilton, Cornelius The Connecting Piece of Neighborhood, Hockey , Soccer, Cedar connection , LaCrosse,. and Dogwood Connection, There is a small piece of McKinley also showing just south of Cedar to about Chestnut Pl.


Down at this end you can see Knapp's Dock very clear there appears to be a lot of sand on Dock Road and the trail that will become the end of Jefferson appears to have some sort of bulkheaded beach the same one we used to fish off of at Beach 10

There are several buildings plainly visible on the golf course and of course there are more in the tree areas. It is really strange to see my future home was built in a complete forest as was my grandfathers. Red X's

The Remaining 12 Acres That Dodi Knapp kept for two more years are within the red line

1: Mansion ?: Tennis Court + Helicopter Pad ?? Whatever it was it is VERY LARGE

(Tennis Place aka Phyliss Dr woud go across estate here)

Circles are around his outbuildings and barns caretakers house etc

NEW 50 foot wide ROADS (Wider is better & The Town Made Home Guardian Do It ) That are going in are

M: McKinley Dr / D: Dogwood connecter

L: is Locust Dr cut into Sect 3 in 1926

J: is future 5 lot parcel our house was built on in 1939 Corner of Elm & McKinley