The Lawrence family of New York and Rhode Island, intermarried with the Woodhull's , Floyd's, Thorn's and Smith's which kind of insured some of them would wind up in Mastic.

Through the 19th century and partly into the twentieth various members of the Lawrences occupied most of the land from the east bank of Pattersquash Creek to the current west boundary of the Floyd Estate. For most of the time they owned the property, I would surmise most land transactions occurred privately via their inheritances. It was from Frank Lawrence that J. F. Knapp would buy the property that would be known from then on as the Knapp estate in 1916. Here is how Frank Lawrence of Providence Rhode Island acquired the property, at auction in New York City from his own family twenty years prior to selling it to Dodi Knapp.


"Country Property"


A few days later The Times would report on the auction

Besides the date and selling price this article tells me there were only two residences on the property then. (Dermody & Muse Houses) reinforcing the idea that the mansion was built much later on and probably by the Knapp's because the last Lawrence's to live there were farmers and the Knapp home was not a farmhouse.


The two parcels would be Hannah Lawrence Sherman's &
J. S. Lawrence Estates. Below : J. S Lawrence's Daughter Elizabeth's Obit Feb 1905




In the early 1900's Horace Johnson (Line 84) would move from New England to manage the Lawrence Farm. His grandson Ken told me he went into banking in Center Moriches after that. This Federal census below was taken in 1910. It lists an Emma , another Elizabeth & John Lawrence along with an uncle John Thorn, and niece Anna Lawrence. Also on their estates are servants Susie Howell, Isabell Culley, Anna Smith, Laborer Henry Smith along with the Johnsons. Notice the Tangier Smith's at the Manor Of St. George just above the Lawrences and Clarance, (Willis' brother), Hazel and very young Lloyd ( Roland's Dad ) Penney above that. Just on top of the Penney's and just across the Pattersquash Creek are the Adema ? Robert family whose estate would go on the market in May of 1925