One of the perks of doing this Knapps Lived Here story, is finding out about related stories of the Mastics and more. Some happened long before my time and some I had just long forgot about. I remember going to what was known as the Mastic Airstrip in the early '50's as part of our Sunday drives. Sometimes there were glider clubs there, other times just a few Piper Cubs and Erocoupes taking off and landing. There wasn't a whole lot going on out there then but it was a fun to visit. Much changed and today it's known as the Calabro Airport named after the late Dr. Frank and Ruth Calabro.

These two stories I ran into while researching the Dodi and Bunny plane story unlike that one these both have a happy ending:



Out on Washington Ave.... A lost baby, and 1000 people looking for him on the wilds of the Nichol - Floyd Estate, and one Ed Kaloski of Brookhaven Air Service in his Piper Cub............

.......Way to go ED !


Here's Another Eddie Flyboy story, this one I remember. It happened in 1956. Although it too has Ed Kaloski in's really about young Eddie Cates of Titmus Drive, Mastic