"This Is My Story....

This Is My Song"


All over the internet you can find recordings and biographical information on the timeless Hymn "Blessed Assurance" I've heard it done everyway imaginable and I have a big imagination. Most bios always focus on the lyricist Fanny Crosby who probably cranked out more songs for Jesus than anyone who ever lived. When references are made to Phoebe Palmer Knapp or Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp as it says on the sheet music they usually refer to her as an "amateur musician".


Well speaking as a "professional musician" and member of ASCAP's # 1 Club, I'd like to say that the melody for Blessed Assurance can stand shoulder to shoulder with any great melody that has ever been written.

I know that music was a large part of Phoebe's life and her husband built her a music room on the back of their Bedford Ave. home as a surprise while she was away in Europe.


Take a pause from your daily life and listen for yourself to a Phoebe's Tune

" Blessed Assurance"

just click on it