Tommy "Spot" Dixon (Jr.)


Although he was only married to Claire Knapp for about three years, 1942-45, the history of the Dixons and Knapps goes way back. They may of never divorced as Claire carried his name for the six years she out lived him. The official biography of J. P Knapp (Claire's father ) mentions his first meeting Tom Sr. on a hunting trip around 1919 and of Tom selling Knapp his 8,000 acre Mackey Island estate in North Carolina. That doesn't seem to be quite true however because when the Knapps summered in Bellport in the early 1900's Tommy Jr. visited them. He is the "Mr. Dixon" mentioned in the New York Times story about capsizing with Dodi at Smith Point in 1911.

And in this one from the Patchogue Advance where Dodi not only got wet he got


In the N Y Times Story about this incident It was said that Both Dixon & Dodi were classmates at Princeton. When I contacted Princeton to inquire about Dodi being there, I was told they had no record of him graduating or ever attending the school. That may or may not be true, for if he did go even for a short time dropping out would most likely not of been a problem as his father had done the same thing when he went to Columbia University. However they did supply me with a copy of Tom Dixon's obit from their Jan 54 issue of Princeton Alumnae Magazine.

Tom was also at the Knapp estate in Mastic Beach in Mastic Beach in 1917 as part of the Yale 3rd. Naval Aero Squadron that was based at the foot of Knapps property Between Jefferson & Locust Drs.



One of his fathers many books was called "A Life Worth Living" published in 1903 . It contains quite a few photos of a young Tommy that seem to ring true about his life long affair with dogs and other animals. So whatever drove Claire & Tom apart , they certainly had something in common with animals. I have not been able to find anything about his writing.




Louise,Thomas & Tommy or Jordan?


Jordan leaning on his younger brother Tommy and their dog Sailor.


In front of their Virginia estate are author Tom Sr. who was really Thomas Dixon Jr. which technically made Tommy........Thomas Dixon III.