"Island View Manor"

Tangier, Brookhaven




There is almost as much mystery about the Tolfree Estate as there is about the Knapp Estate. It's been in the Cutro Family since the 1940's and has been used as a hotel and nightclub for much longer than it ever was as the Tolfree's private residence. It was built by Edward & Aline Tolfree. He was a chemist and worked with the DuPonts. Aline was a writer. Some people think their home which was built in the early 1900's was designed by the same architect as the one who did the Knapp's mansion. I don't subscribe to that. Speaking of subscriptions, Aline was an magazine editor for Scribner's at the turn of the 19th century. Does that mean she knew the Knapp's?


The Tolfree property purchased from the Smith's extended from Neighborhood Road to the waters edge at Smith's Point. There was no public access then to the future Shirley Waterfront.



Several locals have told me stories about the place when it was under Tolfree ownership. Estelle Parr Schulz, recalls going there with her father in the 1930's and early '40's when he would service the Tolfree vehicles. Unlike the milk and cookies that Miss Eugenie provided just up the road at The Manor Of St. George, Estelle remembers the Rotweiler Guard Dogs that patrolled the grounds here. Mrs. Jendral the Mastic Beach Postmaster provided catering for the parties that the Tolfree's would host. Aline passed away in 1944 and her husband sold the place soon after.



Not too long after the Cutro's first opened "Island View Manor" as a restaurant, their good friend from Astoria used to come out on weekends and sing for his supper and the entertainment of many Mastic area folks, my parents included. His name Tony Bennett!



JANUARY 21, 2002