The Mastic Beach Directory



Of all the MB directories I have found (1937, 42-43, & 49-50 ) and added parts of to this websight over the last four years, this one from 1938 is the book I feel is most important. It was the second directory of the town ever published by St. Andrews and the first one I became aware of when I started the project. It arrived in my mailbox as a gift from "Knappster" Carolyn Capel who also sent me other early MB stuff and the scans of her 1941 Yacht Club Program

Perhaps nothing illustrates the reality of two towns of Mastic Beach better than this map which appears for the first and only time.

Regular Readers Of This Website Should Know By Now What That That Big Blank Space Between Sections 1 & 3 is. It's the Knapp Estate. I found it odd that they are showing the town with the east side facing down,but by doing so the roads that were there for over a 100 years and traverse Knapp's estate seem to form a


Notice the STRAIGHT ROAD in front of the K? There's a story about how that got there in 1929 located


This directory was already at the printers when they added this announcement on page 57.

It was too late to change the map and that is why this directory is so unique.

They did it in two sections because Knapp maintained a small 12 acre buffer around his mansion. That was reduced a year later to 3 and a half acres. There is a small typo in this copy which also illusrtrates how eager they were to get the announcement out to the summer residents who made up about 95% of the town. The Main Cross Roads connected sections 1 & 3 not 1 & 2.

There are other unique ads and copy in this directory that I will be adding to this page soon.