March 17th 1927


3 Centuries Old & 3 Sheets To The Wind

Paul "Eat, Drink & Be Merry" Schulte was the first business owner here and the sparkplug for shifting the town's development over to the west side of the Knapp Estate. This Suffolk County File Map Of Section Four is on three sheets and measures 4 feet x 2 feet. Section Four was carved out of 215 acres of the 3000+ acre "Richard Floyd Estate" aka "Pattersquas". For the full 300 year history of the 5 different family Pattersquas owners from Floyd - Calabro, click this link



Drawn On St. Patrick's Day ! 1927


The Laniers Lived Here 1922-1927

The Laniers (Henry & Josephine who seperated in 1925) were the family that sold the bulk of the estate to Home Guardian in 1927. This is their remaining 12.5 acres that included the Richard Floyd Mansion (the big rectangular shape). The other shapes are barns, cottages and various outbuildings. Neighborhood (Trail) Road is on the far left. Pattersquash Creek was dredged and extended north <----- by the last owner Dr. Frank Calabro in the 1950's.


The three buildings, (which were moved slightly after this map was drawn ) a house, carriage house and gazebo clustered between Cranberry & Diana are still there and owned by the Mowdy Family. I'm happy to say they are in very good hands and you can see them by clicking here Woodlands on the Bay was a failed 1906 development of the W.S. Robert property. It was a year or two away from becoming Home Guardian's Section 5 . On some early 1920-30's maps section 4 was mistakenly called "Mastic Beach Home Gardens"



1928 Rand McNallyAtlas

Warren & Arthur Smadbeck to Messrs Rand & McNally :
"HEY ! .....WE ARE

Artie: "and not only that Warren is a dentist"


Heading South Along The Pattersquash Creek ---->


Notice the small streams running off the Pattersquash

Most are gone now, filled in by the sands of time & tide


The Lot Numbers on these maps are not readable here

but if you would like to know some specific numbers ....