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Ms. Greta Laura Spiess Tucker is no stranger to any one who was around Mastic Beach from the WW2 era up until the mid 1990's. As the granddaughter of Paul "The Mayor" Schulte, she grew up watching her grandfather and uncle Paul Jr. run the first business' the town ever had. The Schultes were always very active in community affairs. They didn't call Paul "The Mayor" for nothing. (Mastic Beach never had an official mayor, until it became a very short lived incorporated village 2010-16 ) Greta's mother Friede "Mamma Schulte" Spiess would take over the running of Schulte's Tavern after her father and brother passed away in the mid 1950's and then hand over the business to Greta in the early 1960's. Back then you just had to say the name Greta and folks knew who you were talking about. Sort of like the way Miss Kitty was synonomous with the Longbranch in Dodge City, everyone in town knew Greta and later on her husband "Tucker" who ran the tavern with her. Like Pat & Mikes Texaco, Schulte's was another Mastic Beach community center, where good spirits and advice were dispensed to all who entered.


I contacted Greta recently in Florida , where she is enjoying her retirement by the ocean, and as regular followers of this website know, she has been most graciously supplying me with very rare photos, news clippings and anecdotes about "our town" that appear on the following links and in various other spots :

Paul Schulte "The Mayor"

Fisher's Market

and now....


are sure to bring back some golden memories to any who were lucky enough to have been in town back then. All are clickable and will fill your monitor screen with great detail. When clicked on, they are quite large in size and will take time to load on slow computers, but ....definitely worth much more than the wait.


Miss Greta & Good Company

Here's a young Greta smiling away at her table on the left. With her are Charlie & Louise Gillen with Louise holding their son Charlie. Center stage at the table on the right is none other than "Mamma Schulte" Mrs. Friede Spiess. On her right is Mr. __? Rose. At far right is Frank Lauge, a resturant owner and chef. He at one time owned Capt. Andy's and also had Frank's Place in Section 1. Notice the stable stuff decor , the buggy behind Friede, and hay in the rafters, This was during the "Schulte's Stable" era (mid 1950's ) when Friede started having Country & Western bands play there. Also visible out the front door is the house that became Joe Rug's Pizza on the northeast side of the five corners.


His Honor The Mayor

Tipping his derby to the crowd at what is most likely a Memorial Day Parade is none other than Paul Schulte Sr. aboard one of Mastic Beach Fire Departments finest trucks. Photo dates back to the 1930's. The MBFD held their recreational activities & meetings at Paul Schulte's Tavern when in their infancy the department was just a simple wood garage. Paul Schulte and son were active in forming the West End Fire Department that supplied protection on the west side of the Knapp Estate in sections 4, 5 & 6. Paul Jr. was Fire Chief from 1941-44. The west end of MB would grow into the permanent home of the both the town & the department. Behind him are the Clune Brothers one (Arthur) for whom the MB American Legion post is named. The Clune Family were caretakers at the Robert & Lawson Estates aka Doctors Point (1900-1944). Seated next to Paul is Eddie Hessler and Charlie ?__.


The Ladies Auxilary

Were always there to lend support to their firemen. In this pic however it looks like there is not enough support in the rear springs of then nearly new 1929 Pierce -Arrow fire truck. I think this is the original fire house on Lakeview Dr. in Section One. Before it's retirement to a parade vehicle in the 1950's this truck served as the emergency wagon. I have fond memories of riding in it with my brother Butch and our dog Boots around 1952 when our Dad brought it home. Speaking of dogs, that's Pete the dog with Gus and Magda Fischer sitting on the running board.

Happy Hours

Lots of them for many years. Here Paul Jr. and Bill Henning are holding forth and keeping that shiny bar well tended to. Boys don't look now but Sam Cole (in the cap) is ready for another. The gentleman on the bars backside between Sam & Paul Sr. is unidentified. Sam Cole was a longtime fixture in our town, those with good memories may recall my writing about him in the first story on here The Mansion. He was the contractor who took the chimneys down of Knapp's mansion in the winter of 1959. It is the summer of 1940 here and playing at the Sayville Theatre is the future academy award winner "Our Town". The Firemen of East Moriches are advertising their carnival and Patchogue Theatre is also posting it's weeks offerings.


"Bar Band"

Now any good bar worth it's salt just has to have a band. And Schulte's through the years has had more than it's share. And all types of bands too. Shown here circa 1938 is the Joseph A. Titmus Orchestra , in it's scaled down size. According to Paul Sr. the Titmus Orchestra once had 9 pieces playing for the crowds at his tavern. If the name Titmus rings a bell with Mastic folks it well should. Joseph Allen Titmus (standing right) was the leader and drummer. He was also a community leader in Mastic. His wife Gertrude is on the piano. Gertrude was also the organist at Moriches Presbyterian Church for 75 years. The "Joe" on the sax is their son Joseph MacGregor Titmus, who was father to Mac Titmus whom I went to Floyd Schools with. Mac Titmus by the way runs the fantastic Long Island Geneaology Site which has to be seen to be believed. On the Tuba (which I'm sure was The Mayors favorite instrument) is Jack Haun(sp?). The last names of George and Russ are not known yet, but I'm sure they will be soon.

In 1962, I was up on Schulte's stage for the first time with my band The Islanders consisting of Adolph Almasy, Doug Percoco, Pete Morano, Bill Clausing and Frankie O'Shea. After years of hearing bands in there from the sidewalk and the stoop of Smith's Fish Market, playing on Schulte's stage was the big time for us.


Eat Drink and Be Merry!

The kitchen was always open at Paul's, but keep out will ya. There's health laws ya know, Speaking of laws there are WWII "Price Ceiling Laws" posted twice here along with a war poster telling ya to keep your mouth zipped as "Loose Lips Sink Ships" That's Lord Calvert sitting pretty atop the Juke that I wish I had today.

The Price Was Right

They didn't need no Goverment Regulations..... Here's the Schulte Price List

Beer for 10, Wine for 20, a Rum & Coke for 40 and a Manhattan for 45 cents !

"My beer is Rheingold the Dry Beer"


Movers & Shakers & True Merry Makers

Here we have a meeting of some MB Town business leaders. John Watrous (Hardware), Capt. Andy Neskovits (Fishing Station), Paul Schulte Jr. "Denny" Barnes (Builder) and Walter Ury (printer and real estate). They are planning a spring dance at the Community Center to raise money for a Christmas Party for kids they held at Schultes through the WWII Years. I have personally heard from several folks out there who went to those parties and said it was great thing especially for the less fortunate kids of Mastic Beach.


Happy New Year! 194?

It looks to be mid 1940's perhaps post WWII. The Mayor himself is standing up mugging for the camera. His son Paul in foreground , certainly looks like he is enjoying himself too. Going round the table from Paul Jr. are Mr___ ?, Mrs. Glass who ran The Stop & Shop, Ms ___?, on the backside are the Bindels, then the Hendersons and last but certainly not least...... Willie & Johanna "Hannie" Schluder, the last caretakers of the Knapp Estate.


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