Not exactly ... but when I walked in Home Depot yesterday and saw what they were selling out front, it gave me this idea. It definitely illustrates how much things have changed over 60 years.



Charles Ammon was the sales manager for Home Guardian in the 1930's & 40's. He was involved with the free bungalow promos they ran during the depression. In the 40's several of the original Home Guardian salesmen set up shop in the Mastic area. Charlie continued with the bargain bungalows.


Here are two in 2002 that probably sold with the land for between $480 - $500 sixty years ago. The white one is located on Elm Rd near Polk on the former Knapp Golf Course. The gray one is on Jefferson near Dogwood.


Now here is what you can get at Home Depot today



a two story job 16 x 16 x16 and its only


or $106 a month land not included


two BIG rooms



Life Expectancy 40 years!!



something more modest perhaps?

Well you can get the one below made of vinyl in brown or white

for the same price you could of bought a Mastic Beach

3 room job with the land in 1940

$490 + tax



Kind of makes the Knapp Mansion a STEAL at $4950 with it's 15 large rooms, 6 Baths, 50' x 25' living room with $7,000 at 1915 prices worth of wood panels AND three and a half acres doesn't it?