Originally drawn in 1944 by the Army Map Service

this first edition wall map was reproduced by them in 1947 for

"Civilian Use"...I guess we were part of the War Use too?



Would you believe I found this map in Minnesota?


The road data was gathered in 1943. Its amazinig how many roads were still dirt

including Suffolk Blvd. (William Floyd Pkwy)

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Sections 1, 2, 3, 9, & 10 of Mastic Beach

The dots are houses & building locations St Andrews, Jude's and Woodhull Graveyard are marked with icons

Things I found interesting on this part are:

Twin towers at the mouth of the lagoon...anyone know what they looked like? The building locations on the Knapp Estate (Two on the south west corner of Jefferson & Dogwood there was only one (Schultes Barn) there by 1950. There was a road (Long gone) from their golf course leading to Dock Road, Jefferson & Grove. Tennis Place (Phyliss Dr) is there but not Ramshorn. There was a mine up near Washington between Cypress & Dahlia . Mastic Beach Road goes from a "Secondary Hard Surface Road" to a "Loose dry weather road" as soon as it enters town.


Sections 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 and part of 3 The Future site of the MBFD is on Lawson Estate Property and Clearview & West Dr. are dirt roads , Sherman Road has been rerouted & Knapp Road still goes through to Monroe.


The Floyd & Dana Estates with 39 Buildings


Mastic & the land between it and Mastic Beach. Notice the route of Mastic Beach Rd.

Compare it to Mastic Beach Road Today

Part of the original has been renamed Market Street