A visit to the

The Muse House

Locust Drive, Mastic Beach, NY.


"THE WOODHULL LODGE" A Former Residence Of

Charles Jefferey Smith / Hannah Newbold Lawrence (Sherman) / Joseph Fairchild Knapp Estates


I have recently become acquainted long distance through the efforts of a web site reader with Robert F. Muse, longtime owner of one of the original homes circa 1850 from the Lawrence Estate


Bob's parents Fred and Emilie, purchased it in 1948 and as you can see by these photos taken from August - November that year, it was a genuine fixer upper....which is far better than a "tear her downner" which was the fate of far too many Mastic area dwellings back then. Well fix Fred Muse did and the house stands today as a jewel on the Mastic Beach landscape. I think the former owners, Charles Jeffery Smith(?) the Lawrences 1850-1916 and the Knapps 1916-1938 would be proud of what became it. What started out as place to park their carriage's and provide cold storage for the game they hunted, has been dealt a far better hand than their mansion up the road ever was.


The Southwest Corner

Home originally faced south and was lifted and turned 90 degrees in the 1960's The front now faces Locust Drive.





Fred & Emilie Muse August 1948

The Southeast corner



This is what you would see as you rode up to it on the dirt trail that became Locust Drive in 1926.

Notice NO TRESPASSING SIGN below a wide open window.


The North Side ....that now faces east


Ready to go to work

Fred Muse & His Mighty Crosley At The Front Door


Bob's brother Richard & sister Juanita with their Dad ready to dive in

Where Should We Start?


Robert F. Muse was just over one year old when these photos were taken. He must of watched his Dad's home improvement job closely from his crib because today he is a general contractor. Many thanks to him for sharing these great photos.