The Knapps Get Hoity Toity


It's the closing days1901, Teddy Roosevelt has been President of the U. S. for 90 days following the assassination of William McKinley. J. P. Morgan Co is the first corporation to reach a billion dollars and on a much smaller scale of as the world turns......

The Knapp's Are Living Here ?

On the west side in the Marie Antoinette Hotel at Broadway and 66th -67th Streets. They are just a few blocks south from their 1890's residence at 322 W 72nd. It's possible they are seperated and J P is staying at the Marie Antoinette. J. P. Knapp also has homes in Sands Point, Garden City and Bellport, Long Island.

Claire Antoinette has been a teen ager for two months and Master Dodi will be turning ten years old in a little over a month. It's a few days after Christmas and Joseph and Sylvia decide to go to the theatre on Saturday Evening, December 28th.

Their choice is popular vaudeville comedians / producers Weber & Fields who have their own music hall on Broadway. Here is an ad and the NY Times theatre preview of that show for the last week of 1901


Did J P print the sheet music?


Now the reason I tell you all this is because of what happened to the Knapps after the show, and the days that followed.



It was definitely an inside job

But who talked to whom? Was it Mr. Dickerson? Who could of made twice as much by just accepting

J.P.'s generous reward? ( highly doubtful ) More likely it was one of the Knapps "intimate friends"

"Olivia" The Knapp Co. NY

Once again with the Knapps art imitates life.....

Just rattle Olivia's pearls to return home