Antoinette Knapp's


Foster Milliken 1865 - 1945

This is the first photo of Antoinette Knapp's second husband, I have come across. I now have two out three, but would much rather have a photo of "Netty" herself at any age. That said, I never know where a photo of any of the three generations of the Knapp Family still missing from my collection may turn up. And now there are only three photos missing. It would be nice to have all or any of them before the book goes to press ... but I don't count on it. Antoinette Knapp Wallace Milliken Brown (1862- 1948) , her first husband Edward Copeland Wallace (1859 - 1915) and their only son, Edward Knapp Wallace (1889-1906) . I do know that Edward C. Wallace and his then 14 year old son were involved in a sensational traffic accident trial in 1902 that made national newspapers and magazines, and would think someone would of taken a photo of them as the appeared at the court house several times amongst a rowdy mob.

And with all the clubs, both in the city and country, that the iron millionare."clubman" and socialite E. C. Wallace, belonged to, I would think he had a portrait or two printed published someplace? Their son would be far more difficult as he would die riding his motorcycle just a few years later. An event I believe that contributed greatly to the demise of Antoinette's 26 year, first and longest marriage.


I'm not sure how long the Millikens were actually married, but it was the shortest of Antoinette's three marriages. I am reasonably sure from reading social events in newspapers that Antoinette was seperated from Foster for some time before she married Paul G. Brown in 1924. And who said they don't make journalists and reporters or proofreaders anymore like the used to? Foster Filliken ? the late Joseph P. Knapp (1864- 1951) ....WRONG...."Knappsters " out there know full well that Joseph F. was Antoinette's father and president of Met Life and Joseph P. was her little brother who went onto VERY big things