Anyone recall that tune written by Paul Simon? it was on the Simon & Garfunkel Bookends album circa 1968. Great song ..... go find it on I Tunes or something, if you never heard it.

I got an e mail from out of the blue this 4th of July weekend from a very old friend who is still out on the road and very much still in the real music biz, that has really knocked my hat in the creek, so to speak. Several more e mails were exchanged and it looks like we will be getting together back here in Nashville someday soon to "catch up ".

Am I jazzed ? Is the Pope Catholic ?... Does a bear .... (nevermind ) .... yes I am. Because there are two things I know a little something about after 60 some odd years of hanging around the planet..... music and friendship.... be true to them and they will be likewise regardless of time and distance .....

Looking forward to a reunion of sorts .....even if only over a cup a joe or two

while listening to a catchy tune in the booth

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