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The Dana Estate

Situated on the west bank of the Forge River, the area known today as "Old Mastic" is comprised of land that was originally the private estates of Nicoll, August and John G. Floyd, ( The William Floyd estate ) William B. Dana and W Edgar & Ella Baker. It was actually John G. Floyd's son in law William B. Dana (a lawyer and publisher ) who settled the division of Floyd estate for the sons and daughters of John G. in the 1880's and wound up building his own summer showplace known as "Moss Lots" on the banks of the Forge River and Poospatuck Creek.

Last month (April 2008) old friend and photographer Gary Messinetti was visiting with his brother in law, who has resided in Old Mastic for many years and took these photos. The area has the greatest concentration of homes from the 19th and early 20th century still standing on Mastic penninsula.


When architect, sportsman William Edgar Baker married Ella Marion Lindley (grandaughter of Nicholl Floyd) in 1914 he proceeded to build a championship poultry and show dog kennel known as Tanglewold Farm there. He also restyled the exterior of the Nicholl Floyd residence into the way it appears today. Some of the former outbuildings were converted into residences and many are still standing.




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