That was the motto of the Texas Rangers when deciding upon how many men to send on a call in the old west of the 1880's

In the New West, west of Mastic Beach that is, at Shirley, LI in the early 1950's you had "Fearless Fred" . Fred Bucholz was a one man private police force hired by Walter T. Shirley to nip things in the bud. If Fred needed backup, he would call for the boys of Brookhaven Town P. D. at the 4th Precinct , I don't know if Fred even had a radio in his Jeep? I don't see an antenna . I know Walter T. had a radio telephone in his his Lincoln and a siren too, but he rarely patroled the streets of his town . He used it to go on police calls from his home and office NYC for grins.


There's a Pathmark shopping center there now

photos courtesy : Ed DeGenaro

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