circa 1929

The rarest photo yet, of the Knapp Mastic Beach Mansion, is this one taken when the Knapps actually resided in it. Notice all the big trees that would get destroyed in the 1938 hurricane. "Dode Knapp, loved his trees and used to take extreme care of them"...Estelle Schulz Their devestation by the hurricane, may well of played a part or became the main reason for his decision to put the mansion up for sale 6 months after it.

This photo came to me Thanksgiving 2010 from Dr. Jolie Harris, whose grandfather was Gertrude O'Brien Knapp's brother, Gertrude 1894-1959 of course, was Joseph F. Knapp's first wife. She was a June bride in this house in 1927 . Dr. Harris also sent Gertrude's birth certificate and provided more personal info about her and how she met Dode. Ironically on the same day, I also heard from a Helen Goeller of Mastic Beach who is buying a Knapps Lived Here book. Helen was friends with Honey Schluder, who with her husband Willy were the last caretakers the Knapps had. Helen provided me with a detailed room by room description of the interior of the mansion and has also put me on the trail to where some more photos might be. Honey Schluder told Helen some very interesting tales about working for the Knapps. Some substaniate what I have only assumed in the book and some stories I have never heard before. I plan to visit with Helen ... Stay Tuned