Now this is a RARE ONE folks. Every photo I have ever seen of the Woodhull Mansion. was always taken of the south face. I would date this photo as somewhere between 1890 - 1910 when the Lawrence family still resided in it. Notice the sitting benches and look at those trees which had to be here before the Europeans ever set foot on North America. This home has always been attributed to the actual home of General Nathaniel Woodhull. Fact is he never laid eyes on it, as he closed his eyes for the last time in September of 1776 as one of the first high ranking officers killed during the rebellion. This home was built after Monday April 5, 1784 when the Good General's home burned to the ground. The story of how he died, much like the history of this home has been cloaked in myth and error. For the straight story with a little humour thrown in to boot click here.